New Games

  • Georganism


    Cute creatures need your help. Help them to free their brethren, which captured the evil forces. Unite with their brethren to overcome all obstacles on your way and finish the game. Arrow keys to move and jump, Space to switch jelly, Enter to combine the jelly.

  • Infect Wars

    Infect Wars

    Terrible plague swept the city. People have turned into horrible mutants, and now they are looking for their new victims. But today you had other plans. Armed with the full you decide to fight the mutants and save the town. The stakes are high and it is likely that you will perish, but you will die in battle! WASD or Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause.

  • Spunky And Aliens

    Spunky And Aliens

    The aliens came to earth to enslave all men. Now the fate of the land in the hands ... or rather in his paws dog Spunky. Show nasty aliens that they are not welcome here. Collect bonuses and extra health. Show all aliens that they do not belong here. Use the Mouse to move and shoot, P to pause, R to restart.

  • Red Cannon

    Red Cannon

    Stand up for the huge gun and start to shoot all the red blocks. Destroy all the blocks and go through all the levels of this exciting game. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Air Wars

    Air Wars

    You Commander of one of the armies. Your main task is to capture the enemy base. Calculate the forces and enemy forces. Grab the base of the enemy, but watch out for the enemy, so they do not capture your base. Use your tactical skills and go through the whole game. Use the Mouse to play the game. Full instructions are shown in-game.

  • Crazy Shapes

    Crazy Shapes

    Here is the cute and good figure. Help them find similar figures in the field. To unite all same figures and then you can go through the whole game. At first glance, everything is very simple, but the game will not let you get bored. Use the Mouse to drop and control shapes, Space bar or R to restart.

  • Obama


    Everyone knows the American President Barack Obama. we now have a unique opportunity to manage it. Immerse yourself in an interesting life president. Solve puzzles and complete the game. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects.

  • In Blue

    In Blue

    Welcome to the world of melancholy. In this world live sad cubes that must collect stars. Tilt the world and then they will be able to collect the stars. Help sad cubes collect all the stars, but watch that they do not fall into the abyss. Arrow keys to rotate the screen.

  • Energy War

    Energy War

    Creepy aliens and mutants decided to grab your source of energy. You must not allow this to them. Build your defenses. Arrange the watchtowers. Train soldiers of your army. Protect your valuable energy source and complete the entire game. Use the Mouse to move, lead and attack, P to pause.

  • The Farmer

    The Farmer

    Farmer Flip really need your help. Without you, he could not cope. Control actions Flip on his farm. Feed the animals, grow vegetables and grain. Flip help cope with all the responsibilities on his farm. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects.

  • Demolition Man

    Demolition Man

    You are a professional demolition. Your best weapon is an explosive. You can explode anything. Take on the role turretless demolition. Perform a job full of difficult obstacles, go through the whole game and become the most dangerous demolition. Arrow keys to move and jump. W,S to change weapons, Space bar to use weapons. P to pause.

  • Circus Gold

    Circus Gold

    You are famous circus gymnast. You are able to perform complex tricks on a swing and that is the way you earn money. In this game your task is to collect gold and Brilliant while being under the dome. Gather all the jewels and ornaments to complete the entire game. Arrow keys to move.

  • The Great Sheriff

    The Great Sheriff

    Being the sheriff in the Wild West is not an easy job. After all, you have to deal with the dashing cowboys and wild Indians. But while your trusty steed and a couple of revolvers with you, you can handle the situation. Use the Mouse to aim ans shoot.

  • Castle Comand

    Castle Comand

    The ancient kingdom can no longer co-exist in the world. There is only one way out - the war. Take one of the warring parties and start a great battle. Use his loyal soldiers to capture enemy bases, but do not forget defend your own possession. Here important tactic, not brute force. Arrow keys to move, Mouse to attack. Full instructions are shown in-game.

  • Worms Worms

    Worms Worms

    In this game you have to play a rooster. He really wants to eat apples, but for this he needs to understand worms. Help rooster solve all puzzles on his way and go the entire game. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects.

  • RRRobots


    At the factory for the production of robots happened problem and that one robot has remained without a body. Now he is thrown into the harsh streets and can only roll. Help the robot to go back to the factory to get his body. Use the Mouse or Space bar to move , P to pause, R to restart.

  • My Candy

    My Candy

    Hamster quite spilled. He was not even ready to go for sweets. You must help him, because he is very cute and funny. Push candy to the candy. Complete all the levels by feed all the sweets to hamster. Use the Mouse to guide the candy, P to pause, R to restart.

  • Milford


    Meet the lovely ghost Milford. He is always smiling and ready for a new batch of adventures. Help Milford in his very dangerous adventures. Shoot the flying facilities. Destroy everything in his path and complete the game. Arrow keys to move, Z or Space bar to shoot.

  • Viaduct


    Try yourself as a driver and builder crossings. Manage train. Build bridges to cross the cliffs. Expect matreias building and build a reliable bridge or train crashing and you can not go through the whole game. Arrow keys to drive, Space bar to open intersection, Mouse to build way, P to pause, R to restart.

  • Penguin Ice

    Penguin Ice

    Penguin wants to get to the water, but the ice stuk his way to the water. Clear all the ice on the penguin way collect all the gold stars. Go through all the exciting levels filled with puzzles and complete the game. Use the Mouse to remove shapes.

  • Beneath The Mountain

    Beneath The Mountain

    Welcome to the foothills. Gold mining is not stopped for a second. Take control of gold mining. Give orders and assignments to your subordinates. Collect all the gold to complete the entire game. Use the Mouse to play.

  • Legend of the Void 2

    Legend of the Void 2

    Welcome to the kingdom where magic and evil forces is not fiction. But there is a real gallant knights and heroes to. Become one of the brave souls who have decided to challenge this world. Suck your character and become the greatest warrior in this RPG. Use the Mouse to move and attack.

  • Little Pony

    Little Pony

    Get to know your new friend a nice pony. He loves to run through the fields and eat carrots. Care for your ponies. Study him and walk with him. Become best friends with your new pony. Arrow keys to move, Space bar to jump, P to take a pictures.

  • Time To Sleep

    Time To Sleep

    Children are not always easy to sleep. After all they have so much energy in them and make them go to bed at times is not easy. Cover the kids blanket, bring them their favorite toys. Make everything that they fell asleep. Use the Mouse to purchase and use objects.

  • Blaster 2

    Blaster 2

    Do you like huge jeeps with big wheels? Yes you Do? Then this game is for you. Get behind the wheel of a huge jeep and go to the most crazy races. Overcoming obstacles on the race track and become the coolest racer. Arrow keys to drive.

  • Ninja Time

    Ninja Time

    You have become a master of the sword and martial arts. But here's one terrible day of your master is kidnapped by enemies. Not hesitating for a second you go to the castle where he was forcibly held. Compete with other ninja and release your master to complete the entire game. WASD to move and jump, K and L to attack. Q and E to select weapon.

  • Green Monsters

    Green Monsters

    Your task is simple and clear. You have to destroy the green monsters sitting on the special blocks. It seems that everything is very simple, but the game challenge you by his own puzzles. Solve them all by killing all green monsters. Use your mouse to play this game.

  • Ghosts


    Meet the ghost of Mike. He can pass through solid objects and seize in some of them. Help Mike to his hilarious adventures. Explore the world with the ghost of Mike and go through the whole game. Use the Mouse to lead the ghost, P to pause, Space bar to restart.

  • Trick


    The President does not siting in his office. He decided to go out and taking with him a skipping rope. Overcome the greatest distance before President falls. Breaking records and enjoy the game. Arrow keys to rotate, P to pause.

  • Desert Rider

    Desert Rider

    Meet the Easy Rider. His bike is always under him, and the highway his home. Join a fascinating journey. Pass through all obstacles together with the main character and finish the game. Arrow keys to drive.