New Games

  • Osaka Fight

    Osaka Fight

    On land that was inhabited by samurai came previously unseen evil. Now, when the world is crumbling samurai forced to stop their education and knowledge of the world and take up the sword.Manage samurai fury against his enemies and crush all enemies that you meet on your way. Deliver their lands from invaders! Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to attack. Z,C,X,V,N,B for special powers.

  • Microbs


    Reproduction of amoeba on the playing field and grab as many cells. Connect all larger and larger chains and defeat the enemy amoeba. Reproduct the maximum number of amoebae and beat the game. Use the Mouse to connect at least 3 amoebas.

  • Georganism


    Cute creatures need your help. Help them to free their brethren, which captured the evil forces. Unite with their brethren to overcome all obstacles on your way and finish the game. Arrow keys to move and jump, Space to switch jelly, Enter to combine the jelly.

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    Learn how to prepare a special birthday cake. Prepare the ingredients and mix them in the right proportions. Make a memorable cake for a birthday and gladden all who celebrate. Use the Mouse to move ingredients and use kitchen tools.

  • Hitman Absolute

    Hitman Absolute

    When the real master is taken up arms, he hits all enemies. And not only with bullets. Aim of this formidable weapon masters of their craft and crush all enemies that come your way. Use your weapons wisely and then enemies will fall. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause.

  • New Eyes

    New Eyes

    Help the little girl. She really need your help, because the forces of evil have decided iher to scare. She was very scared and without your help the monsters will eat her. Solving puzzles and using useful items to complete the game. Use the Mouse to collect/use objects and to interact with people.

  • Infect Wars

    Infect Wars

    Terrible plague swept the city. People have turned into horrible mutants, and now they are looking for their new victims. But today you had other plans. Armed with the full you decide to fight the mutants and save the town. The stakes are high and it is likely that you will perish, but you will die in battle! WASD or Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause.

  • Plankton Evolve

    Plankton Evolve

    Welcome to the underwater world full of dangers and other creatures. Start the game for a harmless starfish. Belly others become bigger and stronger. Become the most powerful creature of the sea and take their place at the top of the food chain. Arrow keys to swim.

  • Hobo Revenge

    Hobo Revenge

    Beloved hobo is returns. He have a new troubles. Now he has to fight back the aliens from outer space. Aim rage against the aliens. Rescued from their instruments and experiments. Arrow keys to move, A to punch, S to kick, P to pause.

  • Spunky And Aliens

    Spunky And Aliens

    The aliens came to earth to enslave all men. Now the fate of the land in the hands ... or rather in his paws dog Spunky. Show nasty aliens that they are not welcome here. Collect bonuses and extra health. Show all aliens that they do not belong here. Use the Mouse to move and shoot, P to pause, R to restart.

  • Robot Crash 2

    Robot Crash 2

    Robot crashed on his spaceship. Now he needs to fix it to fly away. For this it is necessary to collect the desired items. Manage the actions of the robot and overcoming difficult obstacles collect the necessary pieces for your flying ship. Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to shoot. P to pause.

  • Red Cannon

    Red Cannon

    Stand up for the huge gun and start to shoot all the red blocks. Destroy all the blocks and go through all the levels of this exciting game. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot.

  • Star War 2

    Star War 2

    Get behind the wheel of your battle space ship and go on a journey across the expanses of space. On your way you will meet many obstacles and hundreds of enemies. Use the pull-ups and enhance your gun. Make your spaceship most powerful and destroy all enemies. Mouse to move hero. SPACE to activate ultimate power. P or ESC to pause game.

  • Air Wars

    Air Wars

    You Commander of one of the armies. Your main task is to capture the enemy base. Calculate the forces and enemy forces. Grab the base of the enemy, but watch out for the enemy, so they do not capture your base. Use your tactical skills and go through the whole game. Use the Mouse to play the game. Full instructions are shown in-game.

  • Frozen Century

    Frozen Century

    Hedgehogs are in trouble. Food is over, and outside cold and frost. No one knows where to get food. Father hedgehog can not look at his hungry children and goes in search of food. Help him in his search! Arrow keys or Mouse to move.Hedgehogs are in trouble. Food is not left, and outside cold and frost. No one knows where to get food. Pope hedgehog can not look at his hungry children and goes in search of food. Help him to find!

  • Knights


    Your tower is in danger. All wars are gone and you are left alone. And you against an army of enemies. Stop the invaders using throwing axes. Do not let the enemy capture your tower. Repel all attacks and finish the game. Use the Mouse to move and throw axes.

  • Crazy Shapes

    Crazy Shapes

    Here is the cute and good figure. Help them find similar figures in the field. To unite all same figures and then you can go through the whole game. At first glance, everything is very simple, but the game will not let you get bored. Use the Mouse to drop and control shapes, Space bar or R to restart.

  • Nightflies Adventure

    Nightflies Adventure

    Ladybug lost his flashlight and now really wants to find it, because the street is dark and scary. For this purpose it is necessary to remove all the items that obstruct her flashlight. Help the ladybug back her flashlight. Use the Mouse to remove shapes.

  • Asteroid Blast

    Asteroid Blast

    Earth is in danger. A huge meteorite flies to its orbit. Scientists designed special missile that can stop a terrible asteroid and save everyone. Your task is to bring the missile to target and destroy the asteroids. Use the Mouse to play the game.

  • Obama


    Everyone knows the American President Barack Obama. we now have a unique opportunity to manage it. Immerse yourself in an interesting life president. Solve puzzles and complete the game. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects.

  • Slender Is Here

    Slender Is Here

    Your nightmare has just begun. Slender is near and ready to catch you in his terrible paws. Flee from Slender as long as you can, but be aware - it always overtake you. Jump over the pit, and do not hesitate. Slender is coming! Z to jump and double jump, X to roll.

  • In Blue

    In Blue

    Welcome to the world of melancholy. In this world live sad cubes that must collect stars. Tilt the world and then they will be able to collect the stars. Help sad cubes collect all the stars, but watch that they do not fall into the abyss. Arrow keys to rotate the screen.

  • Escape From Fear

    Escape From Fear

    You are horrified. You are being chased by some scary creatures against which you have no weapons. All that is holding them back is a locked door. Soon creatures break her through and then you will not survive. For a limited time, get out and saved from death. Use the Mouse to interact with objects.

  • Monkey Gold

    Monkey Gold

    Whimsical monkeys did not want to climb trees. She wants the gold and riches. Along with the desired razbogotet monkey to the depths of the cave. Find as many gems and complete game. Player 1: WASD to move and jump, Q to ladder, 2 to join or leave. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to ladder, 1 to join or leave.

  • Ufo and Cows

    Ufo and Cows

    The aliens are back and they again need a cow. Drive a tractor beam flying saucer and collect all the cows in the levels. Steal from farmers all the cows and come back in another galaxy with a bunch of stolen cows. Arrow keys to flying and abduct cows.

  • Drake VS Wizards

    Drake VS Wizards

    Dragon who lives in a magic land need your help. He lives in peace with nature, but evil sorcerers attacked his land. Now he is forced to defend. Help the young hero in his fight against evil. AD or Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to fire, P to pause.

  • Energy War

    Energy War

    Creepy aliens and mutants decided to grab your source of energy. You must not allow this to them. Build your defenses. Arrange the watchtowers. Train soldiers of your army. Protect your valuable energy source and complete the entire game. Use the Mouse to move, lead and attack, P to pause.

  • Max And Zombies

    Max And Zombies

    Creepy Zombies have infected all people and you narrowly escaped a similar fate. Now you have to kill the people you once knew to survive. Arm yourself with an arsenal of revolvers, a shotgun and a rifle. Show zombies that they wrong so much when they decided to devour you. WASD to move, Space bar to quick equip. 1,2,3 to equip weapon, Q to call next wave, Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause.

  • The Farmer

    The Farmer

    Farmer Flip really need your help. Without you, he could not cope. Control actions Flip on his farm. Feed the animals, grow vegetables and grain. Flip help cope with all the responsibilities on his farm. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects.

  • Underwater


    Your task is to shoot balls which have same color. Destroy the balls quickly, otherwise they will fall to the shark. Make big chains to earn points. Destroy all the balls and win. Use the Mouse to aim and shoot.