New Games

  • Morax Vs Murmur

    Morax Vs Murmur

    Murmur was a demon who threw horrified the world. Nobody dared to challenge him. But then came the warrior named Morax. Begin your journey in the name of good. Crush all enemies in your way. Increase your combat power and fight Murmur. Arrow keys to move, A to attack, S to shield

  • Pet Soccer

    Pet Soccer

    The main difference between this football simulator from the rest is that this time you will play for different animals. Manage a team consisting of dogs and cats. Score goals and lead your team to victory. Arrow keys to play.

  • Super Golf

    Super Golf

    Here is a very high quality and interesting golf simulator. Select your player, put it as you like and get him tj the golf field. Throw your ball into the hole first and complete the game. Use the mouse to aim and launch the golf ball.

  • Bubbles


    In this game you have to blow icy balls of different colors with the help of guns. Blast them as quickly as possible, otherwise they will crush you. Destroy all the balls in the shortest possible time and complete the game. Arrow keys or Mouse to aim and launch bubbles.

  • Highway


    The protagonist of the game is very late and, therefore, forced to go with an incredibly fast speed on the highway with a bunch of other cars. Ride as fast as possible, but do not forget to be careful, because otherwise you just bump and do not go further. Arrow keys to drive.

  • Bumper Boat

    Bumper Boat

    Everyone loves to have fun in the pool, and the main characters of this game at all staged a full-fledged competition in the pool. Get out opponent. Stay alone in the arena. have fun on the full. Arrow keys to move, Space bar to activate super power.

  • Beaver


    It seems Beavers managed to quarrel with the inhabitants of the pond. Now everyone wants to just get rid of them. Help the inhabitants of the pond to get rid of beavers and their dams. Destroy the dam beavers and complete the game. Use the mouse to aim and launch angry fish.

  • Jam Quest

    Jam Quest

    Bank of jam climbed on a high tower consisting of blocks. Help her to come down. One by one remove the blocks from under the jars with jam. Help her get to the ground without breaking. Use the mouse to play.

  • Light People

    Light People

    Collect natural energy. Collect a certain amount of natural energy and then turn it into the fire. Thereby try to ignite by the fire all the people who will meet on your way. Light of all people. Left/Right Arrow keys to move, Space bar to expose and Ctrl to hide.

  • Dirt Truck

    Dirt Truck

    Upload your truck with bricks. Take them to the construction site. It would seem all very simple, but the road is very bumpy and so you have to go very carefully and try to not lose any bricks. Can you do it? WASD or Arrow keys to drive, R to restart the current stage.

  • My Tasty Planet

    My Tasty Planet

    In the laboratory, scientists created a terrible monster without realizing it. Begin to conquer the world as molecule and develop. Increase their size and their abilities. Conquer all the land. Use your Mouse to move, Space bar to pause.

  • Shape Moving

    Shape Moving

    Drag and drop the various figures in a specially prepared place. Build. Use your building skills and build all the buildings that you will be required. Complete all the levels and complete the game. Use your mouse to play the game.

  • Colored Trophy

    Colored Trophy

    Welcome to the spooky maze. In it you will find a whole bunch of traps and dangers. Use all your skill to overcome them. Find all the trophies scattered in this maze to complete the entire game. Use Arrow keys to move and jump.

  • Farmy Barn

    Farmy Barn

    Help the owner of the farm to cope with her daily duties. Feed and care for animals. But do not forget that you still have sell their farm products to local residents. Solve all the problems on your farm and become the most successful farmer. Use the Mouse to play and interact with people.

  • Another Soccer

    Another Soccer

    For your attention is a very unusual football game. Help the ball rolled into the goal. Collect stars and Go past obstacles. Do everything to the ball rolled into the goal. Mouse Left click to jump and double jump.

  • Circus Drive

    Circus Drive

    Get ready to have some fun at the fair. Clowns, competitions and gifts, and most importantly a bunch of fun. And of course the most important thing - super stunts on a motorcycle. Become despair rider and subdue the crowd. Use Arrow keys to drive, Space bar to change direction and Ctrl to jump.

  • Sands And Doom

    Sands And Doom

    Welcome to the mysterious island inhabited by a huge variety of creatures and monsters. Shoot them out by your gun. Try to unravel the secrets of the island and escape from them alive. Use WASD or Arrow keys to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause.

  • Happy Dead Friends

    Happy Dead Friends

    Aquatiс creepy kind creatures need your help. Help them to once again take each other's hands. Solve all jigsaw tied to this seemingly simple task. Help friends be together again. Use the mouse to play.

  • Shape By Shape

    Shape By Shape

    Get ready for a great building. At your disposal will be many figures which of you will have to build a building or tower. Stacking blocks in the right order, make sure that your tower was not destroyed. Use the mouse to stack shapes.

  • Jelly Wheels

    Jelly Wheels

    Your task is to manage the huge truck. Do you trust are very important cargo. To care it will not be easy, because in your way will be a very bumpy road. Keep very carefully and may be you are able to drop off the goods to the desired point. Use Arrow keys to drive.

  • To The Deep

    To The Deep

    Help Johnny to become a professional diver. Jump into the deep crevices. Swim as deep as possible. Increase your oxygen supply, help Johnny become a best diver. Arrow keys to move, Ctr or Down Arrow to shoot, Space bar to swim.

  • 3 Gems

    3 Gems

    Before you classic game three in a row. Connect identical Brilliant and other precious stones in a line and earn points. Try to connect as much as possible gems to complete the game. Use the mouse to click and swap gems.

  • Gold Shoot

    Gold Shoot

    Welcome to the Wild West. Fight with a lot of dangerous enemies, among whom are thieves and criminals. Shoot them out of your trusty revolver. Collect gold. Show everyone who's the big dog in the wild west.Use your Mouse to aim and shoot, P to pause, O to mute.

  • Bionic Generation

    Bionic Generation

    The military base was an audacious attack. Enemies were taken hostage by almost all who were on the base. The last hope is you. Arm yourself to the full, put the armor and go to liberate your allies until it's too late. Show everyone the power of the sons of bionics. Use Arrow keys or WASD to move, Mouse to shoot, P to pause.

  • Fat War

    Fat War

    Kingdom fatties again in danger. Evil magician again trying to grab all the power in the kingdom. Will you be able to stop his atrocities or kingdom Falstaff falls from the forces of evil? Arrow keys to move, X to attack, Space bar to change weapons, M to see the map.

  • Our Green Love

    Our Green Love

    Grab your mouse and get in the romantic adventure with Mr. Frog. Help him pass all the tests on the way to his beloved. Overcome all obstacles, crush all enemies in its path in the name of love. Use the Mouse to play.

  • Academy World

    Academy World

    Welcome to a new school located on the many wonderful islands. Here are glad to each new student whether he is an ordinary boy or a girl, or even a stranger. Help students learn the entire course and finish the game. Use the mouse move and interact with people. Use the mouse move and interact with people.

  • Osaka Fight

    Osaka Fight

    On land that was inhabited by samurai came previously unseen evil. Now, when the world is crumbling samurai forced to stop their education and knowledge of the world and take up the sword.Manage samurai fury against his enemies and crush all enemies that you meet on your way. Deliver their lands from invaders! Arrow keys to move and jump, Space bar to attack. Z,C,X,V,N,B for special powers.

  • Microbs


    Reproduction of amoeba on the playing field and grab as many cells. Connect all larger and larger chains and defeat the enemy amoeba. Reproduct the maximum number of amoebae and beat the game. Use the Mouse to connect at least 3 amoebas.

  • Georganism


    Cute creatures need your help. Help them to free their brethren, which captured the evil forces. Unite with their brethren to overcome all obstacles on your way and finish the game. Arrow keys to move and jump, Space to switch jelly, Enter to combine the jelly.